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Roy Lan #10 KTH 10/29/07 The Two Party System A political party is an association of voters that have broad and common interests, and also express these ideas by election officials or representatives to represent them. In America, anyone can be a part of a political party. In America, there are mostly just two parties: Democratic and Republican. Roots of the two-party system The two parties were formed by Hamilton and Jefferson Hamilton wanted more power for the government. Jefferson wanted more power for the people. Third Parties Third parties, in history, have been a big influence in the American
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Unformatted text preview: government. • Also note: no third party has ever won presidency. • Single-Issue Parties • Most parties do not care to win, but just want to address an issue or keep the public aware of certain things such as Global Warming and something like that. • Ideological Parties • Other third party systems want to change government in big ways. • Independent Candidates • Other Party Systems • Two-party systems are very rare around the world, yet exist in America. • Today’s Major Parties • Democratic and Republican...
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