14.1 I&D - spell out words. The telegraph was soon...

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Roy Lan #6 KTH 11/11/08 Section 14.1 Identify and Define 1. Identify a. Elias Howe- He made a sewing machine. This sewing machine could do the work of over 12 people. The sewing machine later was re-made by a man by the name of Isaac Singer. b. John Deere- This man invented a new type of plow made from steel so that it was lighter and more efficient c. Cyrus McCormick- He invented a type of reaper that was horse-drawn and that could mow wheat and other grains up to five times faster than an average man. d. Samuel F.B. Morse- He was the man that made the telegraph. He also invented the Morse Code, which was an assortment of dots, and symbols that were put together to
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Unformatted text preview: spell out words. The telegraph was soon to lead to a huge boom and later became widely used. e. John Griffiths- He was the inventor of the Clipper Ships which were ships that had amazingly produced masts and hulls that made the boat so fast that it broke every speed record known to man and helped the U.S Dominate the world, over-seas, trading market. 2. Define a. Telegraph- A device that sent electrical signals along a wire. b. Locomotive- A steam-powered engine that pulls rail cars. c. Clipper Ship- Sleek vessels that had tall masts and huge sales....
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14.1 I&D - spell out words. The telegraph was soon...

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