14.2 I&D - e Macon Allen he was the first African...

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Roy Lan #6 KTH 11/11/08 Section 14.2 Identify and Define 1. Identify a. Sarah Bagley- She was one of the few women around the world to organize a union. Her union was called the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association. They were fighting for ten hour work days. b. Known-Nothing Party- This was a party built upon disgust for immigrants. They thought that immigrants were the key source of all the problems Americans were facing at that time. One of their candidates won 21% of the popular vote when he ran for presidency. c. William Whipper- He was a free African American that owned a lumberyard in Pennsylvania and was one of the few successful African American people of his time. d. Henry Boyd- He was another free African American that became successful but through a profitable furniture business in Cincinnati.
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Unformatted text preview: e. Macon Allen- he was the first African American in the United Sates to be aloud to practice law, and he went on to practice law eventually. f. John Russwurm- He was a graduate of Bowdoin College and became a writer of the first African American journal called, “Freedom’s Journal”. 2. Define a. Artisan- A skilled worker b. Trade Union- This was an organization that fought for better working conditions c. Strike- This is when workers refused to work. d. Famine- Severe shortage of food e. Nativist- A person that fought to preserve the white and native-born parts of America. f. Discrimination- A policy or an attitude that denies equal rights to certain groups of people....
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14.2 I&D - e Macon Allen he was the first African...

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