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14.3 I&D - led to more people owning slaves and...

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Roy Lan #6 KTH 11/3/08 Chapter 14 Section 3 1. Identify a. Eli Whitney- He was the man that created the cotton gin which led to a huge boom in the south’s economy and later became the central invention to which was used in the south to make profits from cotton. The cotton gin would do the work of fifty men and would pull the seeds from the cotton plant itself b. Cotton Kingdom- This area of the U.S. was known as the cotton kingdom because people, when looking for new soil, had to move west or south and found Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Mississippi to be their new homes. This
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Unformatted text preview: led to more people owning slaves and slavery kept spreading and growing through a cycle of getting more profits, buying more land, and ultimately buying more slaves. c. William Gregg- He based his factory off of the Lowell Company in Massachusetts and later became a pretty successful businessman and owner of a factory. He was one of the first people to start a business or factory in the South. He also founded the first textile mill. 2. Define a. Boom- swift growth. b. Cultivate- preparing for planting....
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