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24.1 WW1 - and just watch and wait to see what happens...

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Roy Lan #6 KTH 2/17/09 Dear, Mr. Editor I have recently read your latest article on the war, the World War, titled: The Wars to end all Wars and Why We Should Stay Out , and I have to say that you have done quite a good job with it, however, I do not stand on the same side that you do. I on the other hand disagree firmly with your beliefs that we should stay out of this war. Some of the stronger points you have made on said argument include: Staying neutral gives us a “blank slate” to the world; The Allied Forces have enough back-up already and are on their way to victory; and lastly, there is not a threat present within Germany and the rest of the Central Powers. First off, staying neutral may in turn keep us equal with all of the countries of the world, yet on the other hand it also deteriorates our relationships with other countries such as Belgium whom recently have just been bombarded by an over- ruling power, Germany, and yet we sit here comfortably in the “Land of Opportunity”
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Unformatted text preview: and just watch and wait to see what happens instead of helping them. Is this right, my friend, to do such as thing? The Allied Forces might have enough back-up as of now, but Germany is slowly taking the smaller countries around itself and conjoining his army with them to make his in turn, stronger and in a couple of years, predictably, Russia will not even be involved to share the burden of war with the rest of the Alliance to which will have been thoroughly demolished. Lastly, Germany poses a greater threat than you could have possibly imagined behind that lavish desk and office of yours, yes. Germany poses the threat of conquering the whole world and enslaving masses of people to do their bidding, which is the stuff of so called “Fairytales” yet it is coming alive right in front of our eyes while people like you just stand their and protest action and defiance against this evil monster! Good day to you and may you ever succumb to the light your eyes refuse to see....
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24.1 WW1 - and just watch and wait to see what happens...

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