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AP GOV Essay Re-Do - Roy Lan #7 KTH 1/24/11 AP Government...

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Roy Lan #7 KTH 1/24/11 AP Government Free-Response Unit One Re-Do A. Features of the Constitution: a. Federalism b. Checks and Balances c. Bill of Rights B. In the summer of 1787, the constitutional convention gathered together a collection of 55 or so of the most intelligent and enlightened individuals in American history, if not Western history. Among those that attended, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and John Jay were by far, the leaders of the group. They all brought their own unique qualities and personalities together in order to create the Constitution, upon which our nation is still based upon. The Constitution was the forefather and set the unprecedented standard for all world constitutions after its ratification. With its successful, and technically illegal, ratification, the following three features of government were forever cemented within American politics: the concept of federalism, the system of checks and balances, and the Bill of Rights. The first feature of government that the Constitution set into motion was the concept of Federalism. Federalism, still a newly emerging and somewhat fledgling form
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of government, is based upon a confederacy of states all bound together under a common federal government. Federalism relies on the concept of vertical separation of powers in which state and local governments control most of the day-to-day workings of the government, while the federal government handles foreign affairs and
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AP GOV Essay Re-Do - Roy Lan #7 KTH 1/24/11 AP Government...

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