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Roy Lan #6 KTH 12/1/08 Bar Graph Activity Analysis By the Information given to me (above) the North obviously has a major advantage before the war even begins. This is contributed by the domination of the North in the population categories, along with factories owned, railroad mileage, and lastly farmland. The South seams to rely on its cotton production, which doesn’t help much in fighting a war. The North, by having a larger population, and free population, has an obviously enormous advantage because they have more troops and more people that are
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Unformatted text preview: able to fight in the war. The factories help the North because they can produce more guns and ammunitions to help the North fight, while the south is largely dominated in this category and is just almost incapable of making enough weapons to supply its soldiers. The farmland also helps the North because it gives them more food to eat which raises the morale and strength of the Northern soldiers. In my opinion, the North is the favorite to win the war and the South is a complete underdog....
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