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Canada Position Paper - Great Lakes threatening dozens of...

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Delegate From: Canada Topic 4: Invasive Organism Transportation In the not so distant past Canada has been continuously attacked by non-native species of animals and plants in its vast ecosystem. Canada’s terrain is the main cause of this. Due to the sheer size of land occupied by Canada, it is very easy to transport non- native species of animals and/or plants to an entirely new habitat, even while on vacation. In June of 2008, there was a National campaign organized by the Canadian government to stop the intentional and unintentional moving of firewood. The reason for this is that upon moving the firewood millions of species of invasive fungi and micro-organisms are secluded from their normal environments and can ultimately lead to the de-forrestization of millions of acres of Canadian forests. This, however, is not the only invasive organism that has invaded Canada. The Round Goby, a type of fish, also found its way into the
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Unformatted text preview: Great Lakes, threatening dozens of endangered species contained within the Great Lakes. Also, the kudzu plant, known for its aggressiveness, especially in the southern United States has made its first appearance in Canada in September of 2009. The Kudzu plant is one of the most dangerous species of plants known to man and can grow at an astounding 1 foot per-day under the right conditions. Overall, Canada has recently become one of the leaders in Invasive Organism Transportation and has taken many steps to encourage the transportation of un-wanted organisms in its own environment including the construction of a new multi-million dollar research center in Sault Ste. Marie as of July 21 st 2009. In the eyes of Canadians, un-wanted species of organisms should be completely eradicated at any cost due to the future predicaments and impacts to society that come with un-wanted species....
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Canada Position Paper - Great Lakes threatening dozens of...

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