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Chapter 2 Section 1 - Parliament Freedom of Speech and also...

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Chapter 2 Section 1 Historical Documents/tradition Where & When Influences on Amrcn Gov. The Magna Carta England, 1215 Limited the power of the kings/ presidents. Also no one is above the law. Equal treatment. Trial by peers, now it’s Jury. Parliament England, late 1300’s They are a legislature of England (makes laws). Now it’s Congress. King cannot have more power than the legislature. English Bill of Rights England, 1689 King cannot make more taxes, raise an army, and so on… without permission from the
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Unformatted text preview: Parliament. Freedom of Speech, and also the people elected the judges. Right to a fair trial by jury, and cruel and unusual punishments were banned. Common Law England Following “precedent” doing things the way they have been done in the past. VA House of Burg. Virginia Col. 1619 Representative legislature. May flower Compact MA, 1620 Direct Democracy. All citizens vote and participate. Majority rules. Other Colonial Colonies Other Col. Legislatures, Governors,...
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