chapter 16.4 I&D

chapter 16.4 I&D - the senate He taught himself to...

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Roy Lan #6 KTH 11/19/08 Chapter 16.4 Identify and Define 1. Identify a. Republican Party- This party was relatively unknown with Lincoln at its front. It was formed by Whigs and Democrats whom joined together and were against slavery. They wanted to end slavery in the south. The party selected John C. Fremont to run for president in 1856. b. John C. Fremont- He was a soldier that fought for California’s independence. He ran for president and was the front of the Republican Party. c. James Buchanan- He was a democrat from Pennsylvania that was running for president. He won the election in 1856 with both the support of Northern and Southern voters. d. Abraham Lincoln- He was a Republican that challenged Stephen Douglas, a Democrat mentioned in the previous section, for his seat in
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Unformatted text preview: the senate. He taught himself to read and write and only had 1 year of formal education. He later went on to study law on his own and also open a shop in Illinois. He was in the state legislature for 8 years and served one term in Congress. e. Harpers Ferry- This was the town to which John Brown, a radical antislavery supporter, took his followers. The plan was to raid a gun-warehouse and to arm the slaves with the guns that were being stolen. In the end, Robert E. Lee took control of this situation and sentenced him to death. 2. Define a. Arsenal- Gun Warehouse b. Treason- Action against one’s country c. Martyr- willing to give up his life for his beliefs...
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