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Civics 13.2 Guided Reading1 2

Civics 13.2 Guided Reading1 2 - located • Some of the...

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Missed 0/13= 13/13 Social Studies Guided Reading, Chapter 13, sections 2&3 (pgs 312-318) Answer the following questions as you get to them, while you are reading. Section 13.1 (County Government): Counties: What is a “county?” What are counties called in Alaska? In Louisiana? What is the “county seat?” What are some examples of services that can be provided by counties? Who governs most counties? How does this governing group act as a legislature? Who is the county’s chief law enforcement officer? What does his department do? What is the county’s prosecutor called? What does this person do? Section 13.3 (Towns, Townships and Villages): You do not HAVE to read section 13.3 (although it is short enough to read), but please take a moment to define the vocabulary terms from the section: Town- Town meetings- Townships- Roy Lan #10 KTH 11/27/07 A county is the largest political and territorial division of a state. Alaska: boroughs. Louisiana: parishes. The county seat is town where the courthouse of a certain county is
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Unformatted text preview: located. • Some of the services that are provided by the county are water, sewer, and sanitation services. • The people that govern counties are about 3-5 people or board of commissioners. • They act as a legislature by adopting ordinances, making a budget, and levying taxes. • The county’s chief law enforcement officer is the sheriff. • His department manages the county jail and court orders. • The county’s prosecutor is normally called the district attorney. • This person investigates crimes, brings charges against suspected law breakers, and prosecutes the cases in court. • Town- small city. A for of government that occurs in New England states. It contains both an urban and rural area. • Town Meetings- These are an exercise in direct democracy as opposed to the representative democracy common throughout most of the United States. • Townships- Town ships are divisions of counties....
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