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PHYS126 Quiz 2 3-3-2011 Student Name: Student ID: Time 20min 1) Ms A and Ms B are separated by   in their frame,   (Ms A and Ms B share the same  frame). In their frame Ms A gives birth to her daughter 1s before Ms B do. Stanley is a  spaceman travelling in a rocket. And he observes that the two babies are born at the same  time in his frame,  i. Deduce the relative speed of Stanley. What is the distance between Ms A and Ms B in  ? From the Lorentz Transformation
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Uncle Sam, another spaceman, claims that Ms B gives birth first. Is it possible? Explain. (within 20 words.) It is possible as the interval between two events is a space-like interval. / If you travel even faster, by symmetry, you can observe the reverse of the consequence./ Or any acceptable answer 2) The rest energy of a certain nuclear particle is 3 GeV and its kinetic energy is 2GeV. Find its momentum (in GeV/c) and speed (in c)....
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