Check Point jails terri peters

Check Point jails terri peters - and/or guards. In jail...

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Check Point: Jails Terri Peters 03/25/2011 Susan Hearn, Instructor
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Jails The purpose of jails is to confine the offender in order to keep society safe. In most cases, the offender often benefits from being detained, because there are programs within the system that are designed to help the offender better themselves in making better choices in life. For example, if the detainee is on good behavior, they are allowed to participate in various jobs within the jail that will often earn them an early release. Some even become counselors for other inmates within the jail. In jail, as well as prison, the inmates are often mistreated and even beaten by other inmates
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Unformatted text preview: and/or guards. In jail and/or prison the prisoner has little to no rights, so though it is illicit to mistreat the inmates, the authority or guards, in most cases, allow this behavior to ensue for their own satisfaction. The effectiveness of todays facilities is probably much more apparent compared to how it used to be; there are way more crimes being committed daily, so the legal system has to be extremely alert and aware of how the society is and the people in it. With that being said, the current system does seem to be very much effective....
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Check Point jails terri peters - and/or guards. In jail...

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