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Study Guide Final - Empire Henry II Constitutional legal...

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1 Title Page 2 Blank Pages 2 Pages of Text/Analysis Was there a Renaissance? Yes or no. Oswald Danelaw- Dante- 3 parts, Paradisio, Inferno, Purgatorio, Quest to get to heaven. Led by different people Edict of Nantes- Erasmus Gutenberg/printing press- Helped spread literature and produce books, first printed Bible Hagia Sophia- Church of Holy Wisdom, built by Justinian. Center of learning for Eastern
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Unformatted text preview: Empire Henry II- Constitutional legal reforms, had Thomas Beckett killed Henry VIII- Had many wives killed for not bearing sons. Changed from Catholicism to Church of England, got rid of Papal Authority Ignatius Loyola- Founded Jesuit Order, response to Reformation through humanist ideals...
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