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September 10 - Many possible forms of governance Monarchy...

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September 10, 2007 The Minoans Pre-Greek Civilization Powerful and prosperous First group in the Aegean are, lived on Crete Specialized in Grapes, Olives, Grain Traded a lot for balanced diet Religion and economics combine Minoans were at some point completely destroyed by mainland Greeks Mycenaean Civilization Indo-European Primarily trading civilization Warrior culture, invaded Minos Violence and the Puzzle of Disruption (1200-1000 B.C.) Conquered, entire culture falls apart. “Dark Ages” follow Emerging from the dark Homer (Illyiad and Odyssey) written, oral tradition. Tells of Trojan War, Mycenaean’s invade Troy. Stories of heroic Greeks, a sense of what Greeks value. Hesiod (Theogony) Excellence in war and rhetoric Meaning of competition Gods are like humans, not always a fine line between men and Gods Explore material world Invention of Politics City-States develop Citizens protect the city (hoplite warriors) infantrymen, men provide their own armor, swords, long pikes, success depends on numbers and not breaking rank.
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Unformatted text preview: Many possible forms of governance Monarchy- king Aristocracy- high ups rule Oligarchy- limited percent of population with power rules Democracy- was unstable in Greek times Tyranny Athens and Democracy Initially oligarchy with participatory democracy Solon’s reform (594 BC) frees all of debt, makes it illegal for humans to be collateral for loans. What he doesn’t/can’t do is redistribute land, leaves poor farmers without livelihood. Tyranny follows Coalition reforms with Constitution of Cleisthenes Leads to a democracy, takes everyone’s view into account If one man in Athens received 6000 ostrakons, they would be exiled. Ostracism protects government by allowing people to remove potential tyrants Sparta’s Military State Spartan life very different from Athenian life Conquest Harsh life Spartan women have a lot of freedom due to men’s occupation in military...
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September 10 - Many possible forms of governance Monarchy...

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