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September 12 - Golden Athens Money from Delian League funds...

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September 12, 2007 Persian Wars Ionian Conflict Greeks colonize same spots as Persian Empire Greek Tyrant rebels against Persia Sparta sends no aid, Athens does Persians decide to punish Greece, expand west Battle of Marathon 6400 Persians die, 192 Athenians die due to hoplite military structure Second Invasion Ten years after first invasion Athenians have built up a navy Athens and Sparta band together at Thermopylae Spartans were sold out then slaughtered Athenians flee to ships Athens Builds Its Empire Delian League A defensive naval alliance Money from city-states pooled together to fund it Athens takes control, begins Golden Age City-states try to secede as Athens takes over treasury, but can’t Independent action forbidden by Athens
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Unformatted text preview: Golden Athens Money from Delian League funds culture Rebuilding and construction projects Greek Theater Peloponnesian War Thucydides gives account Athens navy, fortifications Athens had built a wall around city all the way to the Aegean Sparta had little navy to speak of, but a strong infantry Melos destroyed Tried to be neutral, Athens attacks Melos and kills everyone Alcibiades tries to attack Sicily to increase his own personal prestige Athens loses its navy, and in turn, the Peloponnesian War Athens Contemplates Defeat Moral Relativism Aftermath of War Power struggles ensue, Sparta makes Athens knock down its walls Mercenaries add to problems Cities remain disunited and “sovereign”...
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