October23 - Not particularly efficient system Serfs...

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Partition of the Carolingian Empire 843- Treaty of Verdun Charlemagnes Descendants Empire is personal Treaty of Verdun United Europe Disappears Lands more vulnerable to invasion Linguistic differences between the descendants Warfare disrupts trade Three kingdoms attractive to invasion New Invaders Magyars Muslims Northmen Farm and Trade Germanic peoples Inflict much harm Viking Conquest Western Explorations N. American Settlement Leif the Lucky- takes ships and explores Traded with Indians, somewhat peaceful at first European Settlements Manorial System Manor Layout Village Life Serfs live near Manor, as a way of protection
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Unformatted text preview: Not particularly efficient system Serfs Obligations Work the Land, but not slaves Owe percentage of goods and labor to the Lord of the land Lords Obligations Protect and feed the Serfs Provides farming equipment Lord and Vassal Germanic Chiefs Land for Loyalty Attempt to provide stability Noble function: Warfare Hereditary System Fighting for Lord guarantees your offspring land Obligation system starts to become conflicting Feudal System Liege Lords, contracts Multiple roles Flexible bonds Marriage Ties...
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October23 - Not particularly efficient system Serfs...

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