February 24 2010 Notes!!

February 24 2010 Notes!! - February 24 & 26 2010 American...

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American Politics *Political Rights - Voting -most common form of political right used -requirements -18 and up to vote -citizen -register -resident (must have a permanent resident) -Restrictions/ take you way the right to vote -Serving Felons (only while they are doing time including parole) -Legally Insane -judged mentally incompetent by court - mental institution -Legally Unfit -anything you board of election committers seems unfit -drunk, high, naked, etc. -Permanent Restriction -dishonorable discharge from the armed forces -60% of able voters come to vote (Presidential) -worst turn out today than ever for people to come out to vote for elections -John Locke -only people with land should be allowed to vote -only land owners were allowed to vote, changed to owning properties -poll tax —only rich could vote, were forced to pay a tax -rid of in the 26 th amendment -all voting is held in districts -geographical based representation -represented not for who you are but where you are - Criteria for valid elections (7) 1. must have a choice 2. meaningful choice (two different organizations) 3. limited choice (can have too many choices or not enough) -Span of control—average variables you can remember at one time -role that political party makes 4. One man, one vote -everyone vote must count equally & have the same weight -new districts must be contiguous, continuous, & compact -Gerrymandering-the manipulation of electoral district boundaries to favor an electoral party or candidate 5. Secrete of Safe
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-“Australian Ballot”—secret paper ballot -United States -Indiana Form -party list ballot -names are grouped by party (democrat/republican) -Massachusetts Form -office list ballot -grouped by office (President, Governor, etc.) -Both systems are secret and safe *Missouri uses the Massachusetts Form 6. Equal Chance for Candidates
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February 24 2010 Notes!! - February 24 & 26 2010 American...

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