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Chapter 6 Notes - Chapter 6 Motivation and Emotion I What...

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Chapter 6 Motivation and Emotion I. What is Motivation -Motivation- physiological and psychological factors that account for the arousal, Direction and persistence of behavior -motivation is a hypothetical state II. Theories of Motivation A.) Biological theories -unlearned behaviors (instincts) triggered by specific environmental events -Ethology -animal behavior under natural conditions -Niko Tinbergen- studies reproductive and aggression behavior in fish -Internal States, Drives, and Drive Reduction -Watson (behaviorism) to understand the relationship between environmental stimuli and responses -environmental stimuli remain constant but organisms behavior changes (rats estrus (sexual receptivity cycle)) -Drive- internal motivational state created by a physiological need -activate more than one response -drive reduction theory- theory that views motivated behavior as directed Toward the reduction of a physiological need -Optimum Level Theories -stimulus drive (curiosity or exploration) -level of arousal differs from person to person and depends on level on the level of stimulation the person is become accustomed (Optimum level theory) -sensory deprivation is different from where people live -helps understand need for change B.) Cognitive Theory -Cognitive- Consistency Theory -we are motivated to achieve a psychological state in which our beliefs and behaviors are consistent because inconsistence is unpleasant. -cognitive dissonance- an individual holds two incompatible thoughts or
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Chapter 6 Notes - Chapter 6 Motivation and Emotion I What...

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