Chapter 11 Personality Notes

Chapter 11 Personality Notes - Psychology Chapter 11...

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Psychology Chapter 11 Personality I. Analyzing Personality A.) Defining Personality -Latin from persona which means “mask” -personality- a relatively stable pattern of behaving, feeling, and thinking that distinguishes one person from another B.) Assessing Personality -case studies, interviews, naturalistic observations, laboratory investigations, and psychological tests a.) self report inventories -personality measure - psychological test in which individuals answer questions about themselves usually by responding yes or no/ true or false -little or any judgment is required to score the tests -Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) & California Psychological Inventory (CPI) b.) The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory -Starke Hathaway & J.C. McKinley (university of Minnesota) 1943 -help diagnose psychological disorders -MMPI-2 567 items with 10 clinical dimensions or scales that asses characteristics symptoms associated with major psychological disorders -22 different languages, differs from culture to culture with questions c.) The California Psychological Inventory -normal adolescents and adults -20 CPI scales (responsibility, dominance, and sociability to predict academic achievement, understand leadership, study people in occupations, as well as the personalities of drug users -translated in 29 languages d.) Limitations of Self Report Inventories -MMPI-2 is outdated and concepts not applicable -MMPI takes to long to score and take, lead to the Beck Depression
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Chapter 11 Personality Notes - Psychology Chapter 11...

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