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Chapter 14 notes - Chapter 14 Health Psychology I. Health...

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Chapter 14 Health Psychology I. Health Psychology: An Overview -many of our health problems are caused by eating or exercising-over the years health problems changed from contagious diseases, today the 3 leading causes of death in the US are (Heart disease, cancer, and Cerebrovascular disease) - Health Pscyhology - subfield of psychology devoted to understanding how psychological and social variables affect health and how we respond when we are ill -focus on emotions, social factors, behaviors, develop programs to reduce high risk factors II. Stress and Illness -Hans Selye (The Stress of Life) people go threw the similar symptoms (stress syndrome) such as fatigue, loss of appetite, fever - stress- nonspecific response of the body to the demand made on it - stressors- anything that causes an organism to adjust and display nonspecific stress response A.) The General Adaptation Syndrome -typical series of responses to stressful situations that includes the alarm, resistance, and exhaustion stages -Alarm Stage -“fight or flight” response -hypothalamus signals the sympathetic nervous system and the pituitary -brief period of physical action in response to a threat -Resistance Stage -body maintains a moderate level of arousal, allowing our body to withstand the original stressor -if new stressors are added the ability to resist the demands decreases -Exhaustion Stage -demands of adjustment exceed the body’s ability to respond -stress response lost its adaptive quality and contributes to pathological changes resulting in disease -the stress response suppresses the body immune system - psychophysiological disorders- when the body has reached its limits to adapt to stress B.) Sources of Stress -everyday we encounter minor irritations, and unpredictable catastrophes -short lived (acute stressors) long lasting (chronic stressors) change in health (physical stressors), loosing a job (psychological stressor) -Catastrophes -test our ability to adapt (to hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, etc) -Major Life Events -require significant adjustments to almost all aspects of our life -Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe -Social Readjustment Rating Scale (determine how much adjustment is required)
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-Acculturative Stress -the stress of adapting to a new culture -must master a new language, values, customs, and styles of dress -best adaptation is to accept the values and customs as best as possible -Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) -set of symptoms that may follow deeply disturbing events -intense fear while reliving a shocking event dreams, flashbacks, and thoughts -victims are often anxious and irritable -suffer from sleep disorders, anxiety, and even guilt -victims are highly sensitive; events that would not have evoked any
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Chapter 14 notes - Chapter 14 Health Psychology I. Health...

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