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Psychology in Class Notes Chapter 11 Personality * Personality-distinctive pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behavior that characterize an individual adaptation to life -uniqueness and constant A.) Approaches to Personality -Trait Theory key dimensions that underlie personality *measure the traits by asking questions that show the trait present *must be valid, reliable, and norm * SEE HANDOUT FOR EXAMPLE *16 PF- Cattell (book explains this in more detail) *Big Five Personality Traits (OCEAN) - O penness to experience (new experiences interest) - C onsciousness (responsible, independent) -E xtroversion - A greeableness (sympathetic) - N euroticism (anxious, mood changes) -Trait Theory Tests 1.) Objective Test of Personality (question written out true/false, yes/no) -do not capture essence of personality (irrelevant questions)
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Unformatted text preview: 2.) Projective Test- Ink Blot Test or TAT -must project inner desires and hidden feelings 3.) Situational Tests- examine behavior of the individuals -Psychoanalytic Freud 1856-1939 (unconscious motivation) *only dimly or unaware of personality *-Learning Theory environmental conditions habits *a trait that we express is how we have been conditioned -Humanistic Theory the study of the phenomena of the person and conscious experiences, self, and positive growth *understand the best about the human situation--How the theories help us? 1.) Provides Focus—on what’s important & primary 2.) Structure of personality—what does it consist of & the pieces 3.) Development—how does personality develop over time 4.) Treatment—treatment of personality disorders...
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