Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 *do no harm- participating in the...

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Chapter 2 *do no harm- participating in the study a researcher will encounter no more harm that he or she likely would in everyday life *alternative explanations- stories that could explain our data but do not fin in with our hypothesis *audit study-experiment method in which a pair of comparable people are observed in specific situation to see if they fare differently *case study- in depth look at a specific phenomenon in a particular social setting *census- sample that attempts to estimate the size of an entire population *comparative research- methodology by which two ore more entities (such as countries), which are similar in many dimensions but differ on one question, are compared to learn about the dimensions between them *content analysis- systematic analysis of the content rather than the structure of a communication, such as written work, stories, poems, film *correlation- simultaneous variation in two variables *deductive approach- research approach that starts with a theory, forms an hypothesis, makes empirical observations, and then analyzes the data to confirm, reject, or modify the theory 1. starts with a theory 2. develops an hypothesis 3. makes empirical observations (collect data) 3. analyzes the data *experimental methods-methods that seek to alter the social landscape in a very specific way for a given sample of individuals and then track the results that change yields; often involve comparisons to a control group that did not experience the same intervention *feminist methodology- a set of systems or methods that treat women’s experiences as legitimate empirical and theoretical resources, that promote social science for women and take into account the research as much as the overt subject matter. 1. treat women’s experiences as legit
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 *do no harm- participating in the...

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