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Social Work 227 - Jacquelyn Magoc Social Work 227 Chapter 2...

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Jacquelyn Magoc Social Work 227 Chapter 2 Summary Chapter 2 shows us how to take what we have previously learned about theories and perspectives, and teaches us how to implement them into our social work use. The theories and perspectives adopt a comprehensive approach to describing human behavior with the environment-also known as the person-in environment approach. The different types of theories are then worked into how to work with clients’ and the way you go about doing so, most of social work is centered with the client system. The client system are the interrelated aspects of the clients’ lives that when considered together, function as an integrated whole . There are five different types of theories that are explained in this chapter (micro-mezzo-macro, biopsychosocial, systems, ecological, & strengths) which you use the systems in the clients to aid the social worker. Micro-Mezzo-Macro is the way that social workers describe the way a client is dealing with a problem. During this approach you learn about the clients’ relationships, lives, and environment. Micro level tells about the clients’ different components such as biological, psychological, developmental, spiritual, emotional, cognitive, recreational, and finical aspects of personality as the individual to determine the clients’ well-being. Mezzo level includes environment such as family, friends, co-workers, neighborhood, etc. Macro level includes large aspects that affect the clients life such as government, discrimination, oppression, social policy, etc. During treatment using this approach the social worker pays attention to all three levels and try to implement a change in one level that could change something in another level. You find the major problems and design intervention to address them. There are a few problems when using this approach you need to get a lot of information of out the client, making the client as well as the social worker overwhelmed. If this theory fails the client may feel like there are too
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Social Work 227 - Jacquelyn Magoc Social Work 227 Chapter 2...

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