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Chapter 5 Class notes - -people use racism discrimination...

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Chapter 5 Social Change Dimensions -Racism, discrimination, and oppression -racism -stereotyping people based on race (biologic -discrimination -treating individuals or groups differently based on preconceived notions about them -Prejudice -attitudes, beliefs, and stereotypes that a person holds about others -learned from? -family -media -movies see African Americans as violent, uneducated, criminal, and poor -not based on race but class, people use it as race as an easier term -community -experiences -bad experience with one person can generalize everyone -oppression -two types -primary -direct consequences of perceived group differences -denying -secondary -a deep awareness of oppression by those who are oppressed
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Unformatted text preview: --people use racism, discrimination, prejudice, and oppression because of fear. People always have to feel in power over others, to be able to get what you want.-social and economic justice perspectives-social justice-all humans have a right to live fulfilling lives, which requires access to. .-appropriate resources (economic and otherwise)-decision making opportunities, and-freedom from fear of persecution -legal system (more black than white in prisons)-poverty line--community organization theory-community-group of people who are bound together through geography or common ties such as values beliefs and culture-setting-objective-means...
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