Chapter 6 Notes

Chapter 6 Notes - Chapter 6 *Planned Pregnancy (1)....

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Chapter 6 *Planned Pregnancy (1). -lifestyle changes for pregnancy or pre pregnancy -STOP substances (alcohol, drugs, nicotine) -educate client about what happens to fetus when substances are involved -Fetal Alcohol syndrome= mother must be an alcoholic -medication -some medications have harsh effects on fetus, and what are safer -while on mental disorder drugs you are a instant high risk pregnancy (2). MUST HAVE PRENATAL CARE! -United States has one of the high infant mortality rates because the lack of prenatal care -the right vitamins, -testing for STD and HIV -Why Not? -no insurance -value difference -substance abused mothers -no traffic -if a mother is on Medicaid or from a substance abuse the child is automatically tested for drugs in system *Unplanned Pregnancy (1). Client Self Determination -it is the clients right to do what she feels is best for her (2). What does your agency say? -are you allowed to give out referrals for abortions? -YOU MUST follow the agency principal
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Chapter 6 Notes - Chapter 6 *Planned Pregnancy (1)....

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