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Assignments For Attendance in Recitation Library Research: Due Sept 28 th , 2010 in Recitation 1. Identify three articles that you could use for your final paper. 2. Write down the APA style citation for each article. 3. For each article list the steps that you used to locate it. 4. Summarize in 2-3 sentences. Example: Acar, A. (2008). Antecedents and consequences of online social networking behavior: The case of Facebook. Journal of Website Promotion , 1/2 , 62-83. a. Accessed Communication and Mass Media Complete b. Clicked “Scholarly Journals” c. Entered the search terms: Facebook AND gender d. Scanned first 5 abstracts. 5th abstract was relevant e. Clicked on PDF Full Text f. This article was about what causes people to behave how they do on
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Unformatted text preview: facebook and how their behaviors on facebook affect personal relationships offline. This article is of interest for our topic since we are interested in how facebook affects dating relationships offine. Outline of Paper: Due October 5 th , 2010 in Recitation 1. Introduction a. identify what the problem is b. discuss why important 2. Literature Review a. organize all articles your group found for Library Research assignment and other articles found b. Topic Sentence a. supporting articles b. summarize articles c. how does it relate to what you are interested in d. continue to do this for all points c. draw conclusion 3. present hypotheses 4. what will your study do/be about...
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