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I. Introduction A. What is the problem? B. Why is this important? II. Literature Review A. Theory (if applicable, if not, then start with variables here) 1. what is it used for? 2. describe it? 3. what has been found regarding it? B. Variable 1 1. how is it defined? 2. how is it measured? 3. why is it important? 4. what is it related to? C. Variable 2 1. how is it defined? 2. how is it measured? 3. why is it important? 4. what is it related to? D. Variable …(as many as you have) 1. how is it defined?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. how is it measured? 3. why is it important? 4. what is it related to? E. Variable 1 + 2 (how are each of your variables related to each other, do this for all pairings) 1. are they related? 2. how are they related? 3. what is known about this relationship? F. Summarize Existing Literature About Topic III. Conclusion A. Go over what is known? What you just wrote. B. What is missing? C. What are you going to do in your study?...
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