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Parenting and Gender Outline

Parenting and Gender Outline - be more physically fit then...

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Parenting and Gender: Outline I. Intro (1 page) a. Should probably be completed once the rest of the paper is done. i. Person in charge of Intro and Conclusion : II. Society’s influence on gender stereotyping (3-4 pages) a. The ways in which mass media purports specific gender roles and reinforces them i. Person in charge of IIa. : b. Historical connections that have ingrained specific ideas about gender into society c. Differences in gender roles globally i. Person in charge of IIb. And c. : III. How parental gender affects the development of a child(3-4 pages) a. The differences in the way that Dads raise children vs. Moms b. Differences in children raised by single-parent Dads vs. Moms i. Person in charge of IIIa. and b. : c. Gender-stereotyping of children by parents leading to self-fulfilling prophecies regarding the ways in which they turn out. (e.g. a parent’s expectation that a boy will
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Unformatted text preview: be more physically fit then causes them to turn out that way) i. Person in charge of IIIc. : IV. LGBT families and the effects on development and identity (1-2 pages) a. The differences from children raised in gay/lesbian homes compared to “traditional” families V. Benefits of androgyny (1 page) a. The benefits/differences in children raised with very gender-neutral methods i. Person in charge of IV and V: VI. Conclusion (1 page) a. Also should be done after the rest of the paper. Person that will read through entire paper after it’s done and proofread/create transitions between sections/make sure it gets submitted (should be the best writer and editor): Three people to work on presentation:...
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