COM 225 Review Sheet Exam 3 Spring 2010

COM 225 Review Sheet Exam 3 Spring 2010 - Rubin’s liking...

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COM 225 Review Sheet 3 The exam items over “material to know from lecture” will be written straight from lecture notes, and items involving content from the text will be written directly from the text. We strongly encourage you to use the text as your primary source for studying/preparing for the exam, and for text information that was covered in lecture – study from the textbook first and use your lecture notes to supplement the text. Material to know from Lecture Propinquity and its effects on attraction Effects of similarity on attraction Qualifications for BOF Effect Findings related to physical attractiveness and attraction
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Unformatted text preview: Rubin’s liking and loving; 4 types of relationships Assumptions of social exchange Thibaut & Kelley: Outcomes, CL, & CLalt, and their relationship to satisfaction and stability 4 relationship types Principle of least interest Stereotypes about men and women found by Rubin All results from Rubin study Socioeconomic and management of emotions explanations for Rubin results All information re: LAS (characteristics of love attitudes; examples) LAS research findings Chapter 10 Chapter opener (Steve’s experience with Romeo & Juliet) All text content Table 10.3 Focus on Culture (Infidelity Internationally)...
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