COM 225 Review Sheet Exam 4 Spring 2010

COM 225 Review Sheet Exam 4 Spring 2010 - All information...

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COM 225 Exam 4 Review Sheet Material to know from Lecture All information on FWB relationships (from Morrison research) All information on LDRs (LDRRs and LDFs, including percentages) Cultural beliefs about deception 6 assumed leakage cues Truths about deception detection
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Unformatted text preview: All information on McCornack/Parks model Model of the process of conflict and attributions during conflict Kelly & Steve’s “Rules” for romantic relationship success Chapter 9 Real World example All text content Tables 9.2, 9.3 (You do not need to know Tables 9.1 or 9.4) Focus on Culture (Accommodation and Radical Pacifism) Chapter 11 JK Rowling example All text content Focus on Culture (Autonomy and Class)...
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