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ISYS DAY 5 - • Time per dollar It lets you know how to...

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On the midterm… know these terms. Especially the ones on the measurement quiz Two spots is generally the safe term after the decimal point. Measurement o Keeping track of people, events, things, ideas, and events o Want to make our data and make it valuable for decision making. o "When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement improves. " o What should you measure Efficiency: compare input to output Success rates Failure rates o Remember you get what you measure o Good measures Simple Easily obtainable Easily collected Easily calculated Precisely definable Objective Valid Robust o Other considerations Units of measure Precision Sampling Measurement: the Case of Broadway Café o Task 1 Average time per item elapsed between order and completion Number of orders done correctly
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Unformatted text preview: • Time per dollar It lets you know how to advertise… towards large orders or small orders • Time of day, volume of staff, volume ofcustomers o Task 2 • Inventory turnover • Products bought compared to products sold • Which products bring the most profit Know which ones to advertise What products are bought at what time of the day Average cook preparation time (know who you want to employ at what time and in what part) • Changes in price in inventory o Task 3 • Which days of the week are busiest • What times of the day are busiest What time of the day specific orders are ordered • What times are least busy • Sales price vs. customers Can I raise prices • New customers vs. returning customers Activities vs. sales • How much each activity is worth as a manager...
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ISYS DAY 5 - • Time per dollar It lets you know how to...

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