Assignments - deserved this catastrophe and then tries to...

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Matt Schillizzi Prof. Renye 0902 28 January 2010 “Between God and a Hard Place” The article “Between God and a Hard Place” informs the reader about how governmental leaders are looking at the natural disaster that occurred in Haiti recently. The main reaction that is focused upon is that of theodicy. Pat Robertson is introduced as an evangelist who was ecstatic to supply his theory of theodicy as the solution. He gives his insight to why he believes Haitians deserved and can better themselves from this miracle”. President Obama was dragged into this discussion because some of his remarks tended to relate to Robertson’s. To simplify this article, it mainly stated the belief in theodicy, which, in this case, is arguing that earthquakes are God’s attempts to send people signs and enforce stricter religious practices. The author takes a perspective that mocks Robertson’s reasoning for why Haiti
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Unformatted text preview: deserved this catastrophe, and then tries to cover up Obama’s agreement with Robertson. He does not introduce his feelings until the second half of the article. The author begins with a historical reference in the beginning, mentioning the “genre of ‘earthquake sermons’”. There is a religious-based viewpoint, concerning the whole idea that God controls all that happens on Earth, and how a reason Haiti is dislike is because when they seceded from their original colony, they had an agreement with the devil. One more type of evidence is a philosophical belief. This is brought up when the idea of theodicy supplies the motivation for Robertson. The author defines theodicy as the belief that God disciplines by force of evil to help support good behavior....
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Assignments - deserved this catastrophe and then tries to...

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