community and The Book of Grotesque

community and The Book of Grotesque - fascinated with the...

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Schillizzi 1 Matt Schillizzi Prof. Renye 0902 20 January 2010 Community and “The Book of Grotesque” Self-reflection is a very influential experience; this is the only time in which one can invest into themselves and evaluate their aspects of life. In Anderson’s “The Book of Grotesque”, the writer encountered self-reflection and the concept of his truths during his sleep. Seeing his community in the form of grotesque figures allowed him to think deeply about each person and their specific impact on him. The writer had mixed feelings about seeing these figures. He did not mind the sight of the misshapen people, but he was not fond of the reason that they were misshapen. They had taken truths from the writer, enforced it in their own lives, and lived in a life of falsehood. His community had betrayed him and his work. But aside from the perfidy from his people, the writer thoroughly enjoys each and every person’s impact in his life. The writer is
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Unformatted text preview: fascinated with the fact that from these truths that he established, he can understand people and things that [he] was never able to understand before (10). From here, the writer embraces his truths, for they are the door that allows him to understand all people and all things, and this is why he says early on that he know each person in a particularly intimate way (5). He is in love with having the ability to know people through these truths; he lives for knowing his community. Schillizzi 2 How is it that community can be so malevolent as to deprive the writer of his original truths, yet introduce such compassion to this betrayed writer simultaneously? This teaches that community is both good and bad, perverted and affirmative. The writers community is both grotesque and sustaining, and because of that, so are his truths....
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community and The Book of Grotesque - fascinated with the...

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