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Unformatted text preview: Honors 0902 Temple University Solitude and Community Spring Term 2010 Prof. Jeff Renye Anderson 1143 Library Day Research Project Due Date : Friday 2/19 by noon on the Blackboard discussion thread that I have created. Assignment : Join your group members as soon as the official presentation by our librarian ends. Using the research knowledge provided to you by the librarian during our library session, work with your colleagues as a team to find three types of academically valid sources relevant to the topic that I have assigned to your group. You are required to locate the following types of sources, noting all relevant bibliographic information that you would need for a works consulted page in MLA format: 1. One article from a scholarly publication found via the research databases (such as J-Stor, Project Muse, Academic Search Premier) 2. One book held by the Temple Library (either at Paley, the Law library, or from one of the satellite campuses, such as Ambler) 3. One website that passes the criteria for an Internet (freeweb) source that you learned how to identify in 3....
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