paper #1-Young Goodman Brown

paper #1-Young Goodman Brown - Schillizzi 1 Matt Schillizzi...

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Schillizzi 1 Matt Schillizzi Prof. Renye 0902 11 February 2010 Young Evil -man Brown Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story “Young Goodman Brown” leaves many gaps where the reader can infer what they like, one of them being whether Goodman Brown was originally good or evil. By willingly entering the forest, Goodman Brown is striving to test his faith and discover what he truly feels about his connection with religion. It is here where Goodman Brown experiences an encounter with the devil, and it is here where the reader first experiences confusion. Expecting our central character to be innocent, when Brown responds to the devil’s remark of him being late, he exclaims that his wife kept him. This response shapes the entire story. When looking back on the question of Brown being originally good or bad, this small paragraph fully explains it: “’Faith kept me back awhile,’ replied the young man, with a tremor in his voice, caused by the sudden appearance of his companion, though not wholly unexpected” (Hawthorne 133). The reader can sense an unstable relationship between Faith and Goodman Brown right from the start when he is leaving her and she does not want him to go. But it is within the mentioned paragraph where Goodman Brown blames his wife, meaning that he has had feelings of resentment in his marital bond to her. Goodman Brown is also described as looking nervous when seeing the devil, which can only mean that he is anxious, because the line ends with how Brown was expecting the devil’s appearance.
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paper #1-Young Goodman Brown - Schillizzi 1 Matt Schillizzi...

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