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paper #2-Pan's Labyrinth - Schillizzi 1 Matt Schillizzi...

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Schillizzi 1 Matt Schillizzi Prof. Renye 0902 1 April 2010 Ofelia and Mercedes as Parallels in Pan’s Labyrinth The characters of Pan’s Labyrinth are unique in the way they react to society. Every character has their defined motivations and labyrinths that they must overcome. For example, Captain Vidal plans on exterminating the guerillas, the doctor tries to save the fugitives, and Carmen’s goal is to successfully giving birth to her son. Every role is specific and inadvertently adds tension to the main storyline. The difficulty with Pan’s Labyrinth is determining which setting is the main focus, and which character should be followed. Ofelia is the subject of the fairy tale world; she plays almost no role in the actual world, but when it comes to the enchanted world of magic, Ofelia is the starring role. However, Pan’s Labyrinth would not have been as troublesome or dangerous were it not for the physical setting Ofelia was placed in. In the outside world, there is nothing but conflict and treachery. As Ofelia stays clear from this world, one character replaces Ofelia’s heroine-like position. Mercedes connects Captain Vidal’s threatening world with the threatened world of the guerillas. Just as Ofelia is the protagonist in the fairy tale world, Mercedes is the main character of the actual world. But the difficulty arises in deciding who the more prominent heroine is, because both Ofelia and Mercedes encounter similar battles. The only difference is that one faces these battles in the perspective of a little girl, and the other of a grown woman. Living in these two different, conflicting civilizations, both Ofelia and Mercedes parallel each other in their actions and ambitions by escaping their world of troubles and making sacrifices.
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Schillizzi 2 Aside from the opening preview of Ofelia’s last scene, the movie starts out with Ofelia and her mother, Carmen, traveling through the forest on their way to the campground. Emerging from the car while Carmen had stomach problems, Ofelia absorbs her magical surroundings and ventures astray from her mother into the woods. At this point, the camera shows a close-up of Ofelia straying away from the car as everyone else is kept visible in the background. This foreshadows her escape from her present world and alludes to her growth in maturity. From here on, almost every scene involving Ofelia resembles the setting of the fairy tale Shrek . Throughout the film, Ofelia shows her independence by displaying a strong desire to escape the hazardous clutches of her father and to engage herself in the fairy tale world. Similarly, Mercedes exhibits the same feelings of involuntary commitment towards her engagement in her life working for Captain Vidal. Mercedes constantly feels stuck in her position, and desperately tries to escape. She becomes involved in the world of war, and finds herself supporting and working for a monster: Captain Vidal. As for Ofelia, she is also living in an environment that is unfamiliar to her, and unconsciously completes tasks for the faun.
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paper #2-Pan's Labyrinth - Schillizzi 1 Matt Schillizzi...

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