Writing Assignment One_Honors 902_Solitude and Community_Spring 2010_Jeffrey Renye

Writing Assignment One_Honors 902_Solitude and Community_Spring 2010_Jeffrey Renye

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Honors 0902:004 Temple University Solitude and Community Spring Term 2010 Prof. Jeff Renye Anderson 1143 Writing Assignment One—Into the Woods and Out of the Shadows “Every point of interpretation…finds pinpointed support in some technical, structural consideration about craft and form. When these two aspects fuse, we get what I think we were talking about as the analysis that precedes (or runs parallel) to interpretation, subjectivity reined in by constant reference to what’s actually there.” Vincent Kling on effective analysis Grade Value : 10% Due Date : Thursday 2/11 at the beginning of class Length Requirement : 3 pages of content (around 850-1000 words) The Structure and Format: The basic structure for the analysis to be contained in this paper is as follows: a clear and developed introductory section that states an argument (the thesis), and body paragraphs dealing with pertinent sub-topics that include effective transitions between them. Use double-spaced 12-point font, Times New Roman, with the pages stapled and numbered, and include a Works Cited page. Use MLA format with no title page. (under the external links portion of our Blackboard site, you’ll find a hyperlink to some sites giving full examples of MLA formatting and citing, in addition to a link to our very own Writing Center) Required Sources and the Assignment : Use as your primary source one and only one of the following literary works: 1. The Great God Pan , by Arthur Machen 2. “Young Goodman Brown,” by Nathaniel Hawthorne 3. “The Man of Adamant,” by Nathaniel Hawthorne Once you have made your choice, perform a close-reading that analyzes and discusses how one moment (a significant image; an important moment of conversation; a historical or classical reference; part of a paragraph or a full paragraph if of a reasonable length) reveals a larger issue in the work. Use that moment to examine a topic relevant to our class, reflecting upon one of the topics listed. The idea is to demonstrate how deeply you can dissect a paragraph or less, and how much you can learn when you look up words you do not know and examine the etymology of a word you took for granted. Consult no outside, critical sources when working on this paper.
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*Unless otherwise approved, I do not accept papers e-mailed as attachments as the primary copy. Suggested Topics (your job is to develop any one general topic into a specific paper):
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Writing Assignment One_Honors 902_Solitude and Community_Spring 2010_Jeffrey Renye

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