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Mosaic I Third Assignment Length : two-three pages (Times New Roman font, 12 point, double-spaced). Grade : 15% of your course grade Due : by Friday, December 10. Papers will be marked down by one grade increment (e.g. B to B-) for every day late. Option One: Mütter? I Hardly Know Her! 1. Visit the Mütter Museum (19 South 22nd Street, Monday-Sunday 10-5, $10 for students with ID), a historical pathology museum filled with thousands of odd specimens: the conjoined liver of the original “Siamese twins” Chang and Eng; an eight-foot long colon; the shrunken heads of one’s enemies; chunks of the brain of President James Garfield’s assassin; a collection of 2,000 objects removed from people’s throats; a collection of skulls with intriguing captions; etc. Register your impressions to this space and its grisly subject. In what ways do its specimens and artifacts and exhibits give you a new or different or longer perspective on human being? Relate your observations and thoughts to specific Mosaic texts. In a sense, the Mütter Museum has it all:
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