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Mosaic I Second Assignment Option One: Don’t Dream It’s Over Length : two-three pages (Times New Roman font, 12 point, double-spaced). Grade : 15% of your course grade Due : Monday, October 25 via email ([email protected]). Papers will be marked down by one grade increment (e.g. B to B-) for every day late. Perform a Freudian interpretation of one of Gilgamesh’s dreams. Model Freud’s analysis on Freud’s own, sticking to his premises, goals, even biases. Frame your interpretation as a fly-on-the-wall transcript of a private session between physician and king. This might, naturally, include: the mobilization of Gilgamesh’s defense mechanisms; or an exercise in free association; or an exploration of Gilgamesh’s childhood; etc. The standard version of the epic itself is susceptible to psychoanalytical treatment; it’s full of “slips” after all (the lacunae—the missing words or phrases). Feel free to work these in somehow. What would Freud say about these perhaps meaningful silences or mistakes? Avoid caricature. Challenge yourself to inhabit Freud’s staggering logic first.
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