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Assignment 2- sister-dating

Assignment 2- sister-dating - Schillizzi 1 Matt Schillizzi...

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Schillizzi 1 Matt Schillizzi Professor Greenfield Assignment #2 25 October 2010 Sister-Dating SETTING: A restaurant in a more urban area of town. It is later in the evening, around eight o’clock, and there is a light rain outside, calling for couples walking by to whip out their umbrellas and take one step closer to the other. From the outside, this restaurant looks very cozy, with its dim lighting, oak countertops at the cashier’s stand, and continuous chipper amplitude of conversation, along with the occasional bellowing laughs from men and some light, flirty giggles from the women. Inside this happy restaurant awaits Gilgamesh, sitting at a table for two on the west side against the wall. Fiddling with his jacket, he keeps glancing at a vacant table on the east side, until an attractive, yet modest woman appears at the door. ANTIGONE: Forgive me for being a tad late. My poor sister is also going on a date tonight and needed assistance in deciding on a dress. GILGAMESH: That is quite alright. I’ve only been here for a few moments, and I’ve actually enjoyed the atmosphere here. It is quite delectable. Let me take your coat. So how is everything? ANTIGONE: Just ok. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my poor brother. As respectable as any warrior shall be, his life was sneered at upon his death as he was denied a burial by our unquestionable ruler. I would live for nothing more than to
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Schillizzi 2 stress humanistic philosophies and give him a proper ceremony, but I am in no position to go against the words of a ruler. GILGAMESH: That is horrible! He is blind! He should not rule before he sets his own human values straight and considers each person’s desires! I had to learn this through self-exploration. Oh! Please excuse me while I visit the restrooms, but consider my words.
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