Assignment 3-Mutter Museum

Assignment 3-Mutter Museum - Schillizzi 1 Matt Schillizzi...

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Matt Schillizzi Professor Greenfield Honors Mosaics I Assignment #3 Mütter Museum: The Scorned Unrest Oh, the cutting-edge rise of science! This past century has been so focused on science and technology that humans are starting to place this field above human ethics. Primitive cultures and ancient tribes honored the dead enough to give proper burials. So why is it that today, there are museums with real human skeletons on display, thus robbing these spirits of eternal rest? The Mütter Museum contains many exhibits of human abnormalities and abstract conditions in the human growth. As interesting as this may seem to be, this museum is promoting extremely immoral acts by displaying real human skeletons that are not considered “normal”. Is being physically different worthy of such dishonor and ridicule? According to the Mütter Museum, it is. A sign inside the museum describes the history of the Mütter Museum; it began as a collection for a medical school to teach students about different kinds of diseases and abnormalities. They refer to this collection as their “library”, and the exhibits themselves are “nature’s books”. This is a cute analogy, however humans are not books and should not be treated as such. There are things to learn from some types of conditions, but being that these bodies are now on display and viewed daily by strangers makes me think that they are not being used for educational purposes anymore. If the original motivation for preserving these bodies is not in effect any more, then why are they still being kept? The answer: Mockery. There is no other reason to keep these human bodies above ground other than to judge them
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Assignment 3-Mutter Museum - Schillizzi 1 Matt Schillizzi...

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