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response to music video

response to music video - the foreigners But in Rome they...

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Matt Schillizzi 25/2/2010 Response to Movie I thought that this movie was very interesting in the fact that it displayed so many different cultures. For Americans to view this video, seeing life in another country is cultural enough, but to see people from other cultures and countries adjusting to the lifestyle of Rome was very intriguing. Being a music major, my interest grew as the orchestra grew in size and diversity. The Italian language was not too difficult to follow, because not everybody in the video spoke perfect Italian. The audience was learning the language as the people in the video were. The cultural differences were not as apparent because the video was focused on the foreigners, so not everything was 100% Italian culture. However, seeing the reaction of the Italians was appealing. It seems that in America, not too many people want to bother to help
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Unformatted text preview: the foreigners. But in Rome, they worked to save them and their movie theater. The American government has too much power, where this would not be possible. Also, it seemed as if the Italians appreciated the music a lot. Music is not appreciated by Americans as much as it is in other countries. Something I would have liked to see more and learn more about are the orchestras of Italy. Italian orchestras are known to be very prestigious. I am very interested in seeing them and hopefully hearing them live one day. I liked how they started to find foreign instrumentalists through classical musicians. Networking is a huge part of being a musician, so being known is a necessity. I still find it amazing how people of different musical styles can all play music together. Music is like a universal language....
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response to music video - the foreigners But in Rome they...

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