class response of iraq and philippines, pascal's wager and william james

Class response of iraq and philippines, pascal's wager and william james

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Katherine D, Jen H, Nicole W, Matt S 10/27/09 Class Discussion Responses Is being in Iraq Similar to being in the Philippines? The main objectives for intervening in both the Philippines and Iraq are almost very similar. America’s motivations for both predicaments were based on good intentions and fixing what we saw as problems in their societies. And to draw identical conclusions, we can argue that both situations resulted in obvious destruction and pandemonium for some time. The major similarity between these two circumstances remains that America felt the need to get involved in foreign societies and alter them according to our will. The Philippines and Iraq do have parallel events; however, differences stand between our view and James’s view when it comes to reminding us of the past events. James suggests the idea that what is committed in the past cannot be changed, and therefore, should no longer be considered in future notions. Surely, this idea could only lead to the reoccurrence of this
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