paper#1-Mandan Nation

paper#1-Mandan Nation - of asking the natives to settle...

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Schillizzi 1 Matt Schillizzi P. Taylor Landscape of American Thought 15 September 2009 To the Wolf and People of the Mandan Nation In Jefferson’s address to the Mandan Nation in 1806, Jefferson takes the initiative to confront the natives concerning the latest ordinance, explaining that peace is not only offered, but required to accept. He uses words like “We consider ourselves no longer of the old nations beyond the great water, but as united in one family with our red brethren here” (564). This signifies that there should no longer be any unequal balance of rights among any of the races throughout America, but that was not the case. Jefferson tries to use the analogy of a father caring for his children, and uses expressions like, “My children, I have long desired to see you; I have now opened my heart to you” (566). This comes off as very sincere and amiable, but the real truth is that Jefferson’s message was delivered in a manner of force and obligation. Instead
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Unformatted text preview: of asking the natives to settle land boundaries, the “fathers” order their “children” to reconcile with what they decide. The most interesting point in Jefferson’s address is the fact that while he supplies pleasant intentions, he does not offer room for negotiation. While trying to seem caring for the Mandan Nation, the government orders them to not fight with other nations, and considers that enough of freedom to keep them content and satisfied. Jefferson’s letter to the Mandan Nation has cruel intentions, but he tries to cover them up with cordial words. Schillizzi 2 Works Cited Jefferson, Thomas. University of Virginia Library.“Address to the Mandan Nation”. 1806. http:// modeng/parsed&tag=public&part=17&division=div1...
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paper#1-Mandan Nation - of asking the natives to settle...

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