paper#2-july fourth for blacks

paper#2-july fourth for blacks - extended to...

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Schillizzi Matt Schillizzi P. Taylor Landscape of American Thought 26 September 2009 Fourth of July Address Frederick Douglass presented a spectacular speech to the public in his address concerning the value of July fourth for blacks. He clearly expressed his thoughts about how slaves are men and do equal work as white landowners, but they are not considered as such. His disgust hit hard on his audience, and the key catalyst for that was the fact that Douglass used devices such as hypocrisy and irony to display his anguish for America’s treatment towards blacks. He referenced the Declaration of Independence to validate his appeals for equality and constantly questioned his audience as to why blacks were not thought of as men. “Are the great principles of political freedom and of natural justice, embodied in that Declaration of Independence,
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Unformatted text preview: extended to us [blacks]?” (paragraph 2). Here, Douglass not only questions the public, but attacks them for misinterpreting their own definition of freedom. Douglass uses the same tactics in the remainder of his speech to bring awareness to his nation’s hypocrisy. Douglass explains how crimes committed by black men are more likely to result to death as the punishment, and he uses this to infer the acknowledgement that black men are capable of being “moral, intellectual, and responsible”. This may be the strongest influence from his speech because it questions and attacks his country, while promoting the minority. Pointing out the mass hypocrisy of America was very common in the 1800s, but Douglass still left an amazing impact. Schillizzi...
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paper#2-july fourth for blacks - extended to...

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