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paper#5-A More Perfect Union

paper#5-A More Perfect Union - it allows people of...

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Matt Schillizzi Response #7 2 December 2009 “A More Perfect Union” Personally, I am not one for politics. I never have been, and I still do not put much concentration on the matters involving the economy, legislation, or even current issues that need my involvement. I understand their impact, but my personal philosophy is one which focuses more on the self than the surrounding issues. But after reading Obama’s speech, I was very appreciative of how he delivered his message. I have a strong belief regarding racism that there is no need for a classification of different races. It was a mistake of the past, so by completely ignoring the idea of race, we would enforce equality, because there will be no such thing as a race. Obama helps support this when he advises how to act. He says we should, “embrace the burdens of our past without becoming victims of our past”. I really like this idea because
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Unformatted text preview: it allows people of today’s generations to look at the past, and to recognize how race had demeaned our society as a whole. With this in mind, we can now look at the present and the future with a different opinion about race. As Obama says, “This time we want to talk about the men and women of every color and creed who serve together, and fight together, and bleed together under the same proud flag”. I admire his disregard for differences in peoples’ appearances, and his ambition for creating a United Family of America. His great speech is summed up by him saying “This union may never be perfect, but generation after generation has shown that it can always be perfected”. That is one of the best goals I can think of when it comes to the persistence of our country....
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