response to Jen's response to my term paper

response to Jen's response to my term paper - anything...

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Matt Schillizzi P. Taylor 0924 2 November 2009 Response to Classmate’s Response to My Paper I really appreciate the commentary provided by Jen in response to my paper. It was very affective having a commenter who wrote her own paper on the same topic, and with some of the same ideas. This allowed both of us to understand more about the topic of individualism and to use what we had written about as a reference to comprehending each other’s paper. Jen had insightful concerns about my paper and I am willing to look further into her ideas and where we disagree or where I may seem unclear. I disagree with the thought that I had not provided enough support to explain that both authors despised the government. This is the focus of the first three pages. In order for me to have described the differences in the philosopher’s thoughts, I had to describe their considerations for the overall subject of individualism first. And this was done before
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Unformatted text preview: anything else. Next, Jen states that I am treating the government and society as two separate entities. Looking back, it may sound confusing, so I will confess to not being clear enough in my analysis. However, I would like to interpret them as two subjects that overlap and conflict with one another, and this is the main reason why Emerson and Thoreau both disagree in the first place. As for my last sentence, although it may seem exaggerated, it is stated to express the idea that I was agreeing with Thoreaus side more than Emersons, and that if Thoreau and Emerson could have conversed on this subject, then Thoreau could possibly have inspired Emerson to look at individuality in another way. Although both interpretations of individuality are very similar, this last sentence is used to compare their differences and leave it to them to argue out....
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response to Jen's response to my term paper - anything...

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