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term paper 2-Obama A Democratic Hero

term paper 2-Obama A Democratic Hero - Schillizzi 1 Matt...

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Schillizzi 1 Matt Schillizzi P. Taylor 0924 3 December 2009 Obama: A Democratic Hero America has never been the promised land of equal opportunity. It has simply become an aristocracy favoring the majority. This “majority” class has expanded over time, starting with white, land-owning Catholic men; and moving to employed white men. Looking back, has America changed at all? Numerous movements have taken place and provided room for creating equality for more people; however, it does not always go further than that. Simply establishing laws entailing that rights can be provided for other people does not mean that anything will change; it only allows them the chance to be equal. For example, African Americans, who originally did not have any rights, were granted rights for equality over time. So now that blacks now have the same rights as whites, why was it such a controversy that Barack Obama was running for presidency? Didn’t he have the same rights as any of the other candidates? The same issue applied to Hilary Clinton. If African Americans and women are both considered to be equal with everyone else, then why did America erupt with judgmental inhibitions during this election? The answer is that American people are still used to the idea of power being reserved for rich, white men. A few years ago, almost no one would have imagined giving power, such as presidency, to a non-white person. This is a problem and Obama realized that this flaw must be fixed.
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Schillizzi 2 Taking the initiative, Obama wrote a speech entitled “A More Perfect Union”, in which he discussed the general tensions of race and offered a productive path forward. He did this to bring equality to a whole new level. Such an ethical breakthrough will open the eyes of racist Americans and discontinue the rejection of opportunity to those considered part of the “minority”. This is a huge step forward, and will need someone with great influence to spread it across the country. This was Obama’s objective in his speech. In this paper, I will argue that Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” was written to exemplify his ethical demeanor, with the purpose of discontinuing the consistent rejection of opportunity among different races. Obama took on an extremely difficult challenge in his “A More Perfect Union”. Changing a whole country’s mindset on racism is nearly impossible, yet Obama was determined to help his country and enforce a more accepting opinion concerning power and race. He states his passion for helping America when he says, “This was one of the tasks we set forth at the beginning of this campaign… a march for a more just, more equal, more free, more caring and more prosperous America” (5). By saying a “more just, more equal, more free, more caring and more prosperous America”, Obama means that every person and every
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term paper 2-Obama A Democratic Hero - Schillizzi 1 Matt...

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