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Study Guide for ANG Exam II

Study Guide for ANG Exam II - Media ownership Agenda...

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Review for ANG Exam II This review is meant to direct your studying; it should not be considered an exhaustive list of everything on the test. I would recommend reading your book and reviewing class notes. Test questions are taken both from class discussion and directly from your book. BRING A SMALL GREEN SCANTRON AND A PENCIL TO THE TEST! Terms to know: Political Socialization Gender gap Liberalism Conservatism Trends in political knowledge, participation, turnout, civic participation, party identification Selection bias Push polling Illusion of saliency Measurement error Characteristics of media types Media regulation Telecommunications Act of 1996 Equal time rule
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Unformatted text preview: Media ownership Agenda setting Priming Republicans Democrats Electoral realignment Divided government Third parties Proportional representation Caucus and Primary Plurality system Soft money Primary election Open, Closed, and Blanket primaries Referendum Incumbent Incumbency advantage Political Action Committees (PAC) Campaign funding Campaign finance regulation Primaries Issue ownership Trends in “New Media” Town hall debates Super delegates Issue advocacy Interest Groups Pluralism Benefits of joining interest groups Lobbying Iron Triangle How interest groups gain influence Free-rider problem Collective Goods...
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